Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Little Big Break

For the past several months my time and mind have been consumed by studying as I work towards renewing my PT license. When my nose isn't buried in books, I'm tending to all the other needs and chores required to keep the household running smoothly.  However, this past weekend we were gifted with a very nice break in the routine.  I feel so refreshed and reenergized, that as you can see, I even  resumed blogging.  Memories need to be preserved!
It's not every day that your youngest turns 11!
 Our wonderful neighbors wanted to take us out on their new boat and they rescheduled their work shifts so our trip would coincide with Ethan's birthday.
Brandon with Ethan
Lolita with Christian
Sightings of Orca whales are common in the San Juan Islands at this time of the year, and we kept our eyes wide open and our hope high.
We spotted sea lions, seals, porpoises, sea stars, eagles . . . but no orcas!
There was also plenty of beautiful sights, such as the Stuart Island light house,
two hundred year old logs,
Swings inviting you for a little break during a hike,
A little dip  in the refreshing Pacific Ocean waters, brr . . .
Hoping to catch our next dinner . . .
 . . . not going hungry tonight, fresh lingcod on the menu.
Nolan waking up in his bivi sac, admiring Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island
Captain Christian
Nya checking out the snacks and hoping for some crumbs.
                                                  Roche Harbor, San Juan Island
 A stop for lunch before heading home.
An exhausting but refreshing little trip!
Although we were gone for only a night, and only a few miles from home, it did feel like a real vacation!
We are all reenergized again and ready to take on the coming week.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Peak at the Sun

Reservations were made a year ago.  Expectations were had all year long.  Count down began shortly after Christmas. 

The one thing we did not count with, was that Christian would make it to State with his swim team.
And so we arrived to the stage in our lives where we left our oldest behind.

The company, skiing, food and rest were all superb.

A little snck break in the sun,
Miss Pink showing off her great suit!

The little village of Sun Peaks, B.C.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cooking Up a Storm

Feeding a bunch of high schoolers is a breeze when you have tools like these.  When planning the menu for the HS Winter Retreat, Shawn made sure pancakes were on the list.  He had been looking forward to use this griddle ever since last year.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our holidays were really blessed this past year by having an abundance of family surrounding us.  My cousin and his family traded the sunny warm Brazilian summer to spend Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere.

Touring our little city.

Christmas Eve. 
Tia Ursula in between Simones.

Sledding, snowball fights and snow angels!
Great cooking by our best Chefs!

A Look Back

After a six month hiatus we are back, and since my last post was about our family gathering I thought I may as well resume the same way.  We usually don't get togehter twice a year, so I could not miss the opportunity to record it. 

The Praire Buhlers left their snowy lands to play a bit in our snowy hills.
It was Graham's first time ever skiing, and here he is, getting on the lift for the first time.  It took a little bit of talking, convincing and bribing for him to leave his "Magic Carpet" for the big char lift, but then there was no stopping.  It was worth losing my gingerbread cookie on the bribe!
It was Gavin debut as well, doesn't he look like a pro?

Beautiful Mt Washington on Vncouver Island
And  this is how we said goodbye to 2012.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gathering of The Buhler Clan 2012

Getting together with the Buhler cousins is always a summer highlight.

Exploring the beach and all it's creatures entertained these guys for hours.
Our "Sherpas."

Learning new skills.
Their Badminton effort was better than some Olympic teams.
Perfect picture of the goodness of summer.
He tried to get away from my camera.

Who needs a motor boat when you have muscles?
Olympic syndrome.
Playing "Bang" was a big hit
Can't get better then this, sharing meals with family in such a beautiful setting!

 The matriarch with her handsome offsprings!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Many good times, many great memories, many priceless pictures.

Tio Fred barely made to our home when the boys thought he needed to cool down!
"Not quite as warm as the Gulf of Mexico"

Sisters reunited

To celebrate my mom's 70th birthday, we took her to Leavenworth
where the nuns sang "Happy Birthday" to her before a beautiful performance of Sound of Music.

Sightseeing and stopping for ice cream
Playing in the park
Jumping from bridges
The "jumpers"
The "floaters"

Games and fun

Picking some cherries during the trip back

The trip back
Getting a little silly since for "another" picture, yet one can't have enough.  The next time they are all together, they will have grown many more inches again.